Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's a snow day so I don't have the quiet to think, that's why lists are a good cheat. Enjoy.

10) Why does my six year old still think the top of the stairs is a good place to practice an arabesque?

9) How come my three year old raids the food pantry for poppy seed rolls and stores them under her bed? I mean, if it had been cookies I would have understood. She's done ice cream and apple juice before. I've taken to checking underneath her bed for grocery monsters.

8) Why can my adolescent daughter be the high scorer on both her basketball teams and not put clothing in the laundry basket?

7) What made my four oldest think stacking soup bowls face up in the dishwashing machine was a good idea?

6) Why is it that the child who has the most shoes, can’t find any two that match when I’m in a hurry?

5) How do all my kids know how much they are owed in allowance when some of them don’t know which day it is?

4) Exactly how messy does a room have to become before a child will recognize that such a state of being is unhealthy?

3) Why is it all the times she loved baked potatoes are negated by the one time she threw up?

2) Why can a boy wear the same shirt for three days and fuss if he finds a speck on a bowl at breakfast?

1) Why do multiple children act shocked when they've been pegging their brother with snow repeatedly, that he retaliates?

and the final question, When is Spring Break?


Therese said...

Loved the one about boys wearing clothing forever but can't stand a speck in the bowl of cereal!!

Therese said...

Here's another:

Why does my teenage daughter hates to wake early (some days) & to be around her siblings (most days) because of their "childish" ways, yet is elated when "school's closed" shows up on the news, and stays up from 6a, and wants to watch PBS kids shows WITH siblings, and make waffles, play Monopoly and spend basically the whole morning so far with all of them giggling uncontrollably egging them on.

I'm enjoying some mommy online time because of it. Mommydom rules yet again. I feel fulfilled.Thanks for the chocolate Sherry! Hello to other Sherry blog followers!

Margo said...

Let me know if you figure out the answers to any of these questions - but don't make yourself sick or anything. I can't think about them, because they give me a migraine, and I don't get headaches. You have 9 children and I only have 2 (12 & 16, daughters - even can wear same shoes and clothes, which helps a lot some mornings.)but i'm constantly bewildered. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the laugh!

SherryTex said...

Thanks Therese and Margo! I've got to get better about responding to comments.

Mighty Mom is a consistent commenter and she deserves my praise and thanks for her plugging of my weekly attempt to make sense of parenting.

MightyMom said...

bwahahah, that was hilarious!!

and the answer is:

Spring Break is both too soon, and not soon enough...depending on how the kids are behaving at the moment you ask.... :-)

sorry for being such a BELATED commentor...

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