Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raining Rosaries Link and Other things

For those who don't do facebook...

I'd fallen out of the habit of posting over at --something I hope to rectify in 2011.  

As a challenge to myself and my family, I suggested each of those capable form three resolutions for the new year designed to help improve in the Aristotelian sense, body, mind and spirit.  Meaning, I expected them to set three goals; physical, mental and spiritual.  

For me, I added professional and personal as well.  Here they are:

1) Physical: Get back into shape after Anna Maria Hope is born, meaning decent cholesterol numbers and weight.  

2) Mental: Continue policy of reading a book a month, try to boost to two, and practice piano three times a week.

3) Spiritual: Pray the rosary on a daily basis (natch!), and continue ongoing study of Catechism and learning about patron saint for the coming year; Saint Valentine. (I'll write about that later).  

4) Professional: Finish Helen.  I know, I've written her since 2007, and she's 2/3rds done; with the current delay being that my laptop is getting an extended stay at the Geek Squad owing to a defective hard drive.  Yes I have saved copies but the older computer cannot open modern windows....grrrrr.   Also, did not make goal of getting published once a month, made it 9 out of 12 though.    Will improve stat hopefully and maybe find an agent.

5) Personal: Get birthday cards out on time.  Call brothers and sister and cousin regularly.  Be on time for things.  

Those are my goals for 2011.  

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