Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Memo to Residents of This Home

The following is a public service announcement, designed to make your stay here at our home more comfortable.   Please familiarize yourself with the stated policies and as always, Manager Mom and Dad are on call to clarify any confusion you may have about any given regulation.

10) If you get up after 10 a.m. the kitchen is closed for breakfast; fix your own...use paper plates and clean up afterwards.   

9) Working business hours are from 7 am to 10 pm.  Emergencies happen, but watching TV, playing DS or the Wii or fighting with your brother do not qualify.  

8) Daily hygiene is required for and by all even on school break when there is nothing on the schedule.

7) This includes getting dressed for the day....and bedtime.
6) It is not a requirement of Christmas that we open every game, project, do-hickey, thingamabob and gizmo within the first 24 hours. 

5) It is a requirement of this house that if you do open every game, project, do-hickey, thingamabob and gizmo, that you put them away when finished, bored or summoned to eat.

4) Ordinary life still requires that Mom run occasional boring errands like dry cleaning and cook food that includes non favorites like vegetables.  Deal.

3) Nutrition still matters even in this celebratory season.  Christmas cookies do not qualify as a meal except on Christmas morning.  Ditto on ice cream, pie, birthday cake and soda. Those who recognize themselves; ugh. Boo.  Stop.

2) If you can't find an item that is beloved, necessary or as of yet, unopened, try looking before calling out a draft search party consisting solely of a parent.

1) Vacation from school is not vacation from reality.  The trash still has to be taken out, beds made, clothes put away and towels hung up.  Cope.

Thank you, love Mom and Dad.           

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Therese said...

needs to print of this list for our house.

Thanks for the laugh Sherri.

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