Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Small Successes

Every Thursday, Family& Faith has a blog chain of small successes where we list a few things that we accomplished and that might have otherwise gone lost in the days and weeks as errands and obligations piled up. Anyone can join, just click on the small successes button and it will take you to Family & Faith Live! where you can add your blog to the list of people celebrating the little victories of life.

1) Took my youngest to get his HINI vaccination.

2) Made it to reconciliation. Priest talked about accepting God's peace and holding onto it tightly, like a treasure. When anxiety about the schedule or what have you threatens, I'm to cling to this, to not let the world extinguish the peace Christ' gives.

3) Ordered my husband's birthday present in advance.

4) Made arrangements to see son's play on Friday --got babysitters.

5) After fretting, calling Mom, thinking about my girl, praying for my girl, talking to her coach, musing my options, getting a call from her all angry and upset, I came home and hugged my 13 year old until she melted. Then we went about our routine. I thought it was a mere moment.

That evening, she fixed my dinner while I was bathing children and when I was finished, she brought me to the table she had decorated with lit candles everywhere.

6) Had a break through regarding studying techniques with daughter that struggles with math and reading and for whom self confidence is also an issue.

7) Got to see a dear friend over the weekend and spend a few hours.

8) Exercised, danced bollywood. (It was fun!)

9) Even the socks are folded right now.

10) Toddler transfered from a crib to a toddler bed. She who seldom speaks now says, "I love you Mom."


Kristyn Hall said...

Thank you for visiting my blog...

Your #5 re: your daughter strikes a chord with me. 13 is a rough age and those little glimmers of light are just priceless.

Unknown said...

WOW! Awesome list. that H1N1 vaccine is crucial. I hope it keeps it at bay. Court is allergic to one of the preservatives and couldn't take it and look where it landed us. Stay healthy, stay peaceful my friend!

Colleen said...

Wow, great list. I love going to confession. What a time of grace.
#3 - good for you! Absolutely love number 10! God bless

MightyMom said...

well number 5 had me in tears....number 10 left me bawling.

what a great week for you!!

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