Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for Thursday Small Successes

This was a busy week.

We did get the photos for the Christmas card, and a portrait of all the boys and all the girls. It's not perfect but neither are we. It's very...real. My oldest vowed to buy photo shop and insert everyone next year but I don't consider this to have been a success, merely something we endured.

Here are the moments I'll treasure from this past week.

1) Husband and I went on a real "bonafied" date. We saw a play and shared a glass of wine; it was fun. Who knew grownups got to play?

2) Last week, I got whacked by the cleaning fairy and somehow managed to get through the upstairs and get it into decent shape. Getting ready for round two, attacking the basement.

3) All Autumn, we have played touch football with the oldest 5 or 6 on Sunday. The parents until this past weekend, had never beaten the kids. We were gracious though. We didn't gloat until they all went inside. (We do have one older kid on our side, she was very pleased too).

Bonus items from this week: had a piece run at Family& Faith Live, "Flowers for the Feast," played Mario Cart with the kids and got completely schooled, made my husband laugh five times with a column and arranged a play date for my kindergarten son for Friday.


MightyMom said...

fabulous week!! woot woot.

may fav was beating the kids at football!!!

we have that group photo shot scheduled for tomorrow afternoon....but if sister's eye's dont un-swell I"m rescheduling! poor girl. you'll be able to see her in full glory (assuming the pic came out) in tomorrow's post...I'm (re)writing a song to comemorate our week :-)

ViolinMama said...

What an incredible week! Believe in truly help inspire those who read!

Much love!!!!

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