Thursday, November 5, 2009

Small Success Thursday

Every Thursday, we celebrate success.

This past week, we made it to the photographer to get three of the nine portraits and are scheduled for a full shot next Tuesday.

Parenting is 90% discernment of "What's my motivation?" with each individual child. For the entire season, one daughter has NOT wanted to participate in the sport she is playing. We decided this was a character building moment and didn't let her opt out, but upon offering an appropriate bribe of new books, she agreed to play with her whole heart. The subsequent attitude adjustment yielded a tripple play to win a spot in the playoff championship game from the same player.

Got a hair cut. It's kind of like the triumph of getting a shower for a new mom. It should be baseline but we all know, it isn't.


MightyMom said...

that's fabulous!! way to go!

now, did you get my emails re: the new blog backgrounds and uploading pictures??

I found you TWO backgrounds with chocolates...but alas, that's all I could find and I searched for about 2 hours.

get with me if you don't have the emails.

ViolinMama said...

I say it is! What a great list! Thanks for sharing it, and making my day more inspired! Have fun with your pictures!

The Crescat said...

so tell me about your brother. wink wink.

Unknown said...

AWESOME JOB!! Fabulous List!! Love the new background. My brain needs chocolate NOW!!

Therese said...

well I desperately need a hair cut so maybe I will go this week so that I can put it in my small success next week.

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