Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Fight Fake News

A colleague's pet project (forgive the pun), A Dog's Purpose was the victim of fake news, wherein the movie project got almost destroyed by rumors an animal was abused in the course of the making of the film.   The animal wasn't harmed, and if you have the opportunity, go see the film.

Tom Brady got sacked twice in a single drive and I thought for the first half, had the Patriots been victims of fake news with respect to Atlanta?

When it comes to fake news, the question becomes, how do we know?  I've seen some good discussion on this matter, mostly focusing on where you get your source material.  Reuters, BBC, the Wall Street Journal and AP have become my favorite places to get information but the eroding of public trust, both by what is omitted and what is trumpeted, has resulted in a fundamental shift in how everyone views the news.

We all must become editors, who must engage in extreme vetting of all information which might inspire an outraged reaction on our part and all information which might gladden our hearts.  In short, if there's an emotional response generated by an article, one must pause and wonder, is that not merely the point of this piece but the author's intent?

If there is a silver lining in all this, the need for trusted sources may be cause for a great renaissance in journalism as the media must reestablish itself against the White House spin, and internet noise.

We will need the fourth estate in fighting trim to help reestablish genuine affection across the political divide, to reveal how truth is stronger than ideology, and reality is often full of peole who aren't one sided or blind to their own failings or the "other side's" virtues.   We will need to reconnect the whole of the country, united in creating a stronger community, whether or not the government goes along.
The great divide of politics so sharp and hard on Facebook and in the election, serves the parties and the game of politics, but not communities, and not friendships.

Hopefully, we remember this and let such barriers vanish when we see each other face to face.  I firmly believe that when we interact to deal with the real problems we should address every day in our own communities and stop treating each one and everyone we disagree with as an unclean other unworthy of our consideration.

Bring everyone along with what we agree about, because building community is based on mutual respect, one heart at a time.

Oh, and NEVER count the Patriots out.  Unbelievable!  Or it would be, but I watched the whole game so I know what happened.  UNBELIEVABLE!

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