Friday, January 6, 2017

Two-Fer Thursday

I know, it is all grace and we are blessed.  I know it so deeply in my bones, we've made "We are blessed" the theme of this year.   My poor little blog, the new year has not been kind.  Here's my link to for this week's Small Success Thursday and here's the podcast for Connecting the Dots with Mark Shea!  We are blessed.  I'll try to do better.

I'm trying to carve out time to write, it's just everything seems to need equal time these days; work, the kids, the house, everything! It means everything gets a fraction of the time it deserves and I always feel I've short changed whatever I've given a fraction and whatever I haven't given even that little.  It is hard not to always feel fractured, because I'm only giving fractions.  

It occurred to me, that was the problem. I felt dissatisfied with the giving, because I wasn't giving enough.   If I gave all to each, I would no longer feel I wasn't giving enough.  That contradictory thought somehow consoled me and felt true.  Give all, and I won't feel fractured, give all and I won't feel like I'm short changing anything or anyone.

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