Monday, June 6, 2016

Ten Things to Keep Yourself Sane This Summer

Every summer, I have to make a public service announcement for the sake of my sanity, and to ensure there is no confusion whatsoever amongst my offspring.  This formula, when used, limits the nags necessary to ensure we will both seize the day and soak in the joy of the season.  

10) Kitchen operating hours are 7:30-9, 11:45 to 1, and 5:30-7.  If you want food outside of the prescribed times when meals are being served, post KP duty and prior authorization are mandatory.

9)  We grow potatoes, we have couches.  We do not have or grow couch potatoes.  Exercise.  Every day.  Not negotiable.  Bonus if you exercise outside.

8) Read.  We have books in every room.  These books serve two purposes.  They grow your brain.  They also allow you to avoid any chores if you are opting to read.  HINT: You can be three times as lazy as your brother if you are reading a book.

NOTICE: I will quiz you.
SECOND NOTICE: I've read almost every book in this house. (Fair warning).  
THIRD NOTICE: Dad's read all the books I haven't.

7) Music.  We have a saxophone, two trombones, a trumpet, a clarinet, an acoustic and electric guitar, bells, a violin and a piano.  Play something.   It can even be the theme from your favorite video game that you're not playing right now.

6) Clean.  Your room.  Your room must be clean. Why?  Because I fired the maid. It was me and she wasn't doing a very good job.

5) NEVER say I'm bored.  This is a ticket to cleaning the basement, the garage, yard work, the bathrooms and folding socks.

4) Play a game with your siblings and with me.  Nothing is more satisfying than beating your parent in a game of skill.  Cards...chess, Catan...imagine the bragging rights if you just prove your brilliance.
P.S. I have some pride.  I won't play Stratego.  I have been beaten.  It still smarts.

3) We will go to the library, pool and museums and the zoo.  Once a week, we will be making a trip worries.

2) We have a list with 81 things on it.  We're not Phineas and Ferb, but honestly, they had a lot of fun without can too.  Do something from the list before turning to the machines for entertainment.

1)  Learn to be not bored with not doing.  This is perhaps the most important thing one can learn during the summer.

Happy Summer Vacation

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