Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Rules

School gets out tomorrow and to preserve my sanity, our budget and the summer, the following rules have been posted, effective for all offspring, regardless of age.

5.  Kitchen Hours: Food will be served to those who cannot serve themselves, and to those awake and at the table for normal meal hours.  Hint for those who don't know, Breakfast (6:30-8:30), Lunch (11:30-1:00) and Dinner (5:30-7:30).   Meals made by people other than me, must be cleaned up by someone other than me.  (Meaning the person who makes the bonus meal).  

4.  Bedtime:  If you are between the ages of 0 and 49 and live in this house, you require sleep.  I require sleep.  I know some of you want to sleep until noon.  I will allow this once a week.  But quiet hours are 9-9, and children still go to bed by 8:30.  Teens who try to sleep past 9 more than once a week, will get the all other children wake up call and I'll blog about you.    

3.  Screen time:  Watching a screen counts. Watching a sibling play a video game counts.  Playing the DS, the kindle, the phone, counts.  1 hour between 9-5.  Why?  Because there are a whole world of things to do out there...and they aren't on a screen.  

2.  Chore time.  Everyone in this house needs to contribute.  You will have an outside task and an inside task. Every day.  That's it. That's all.  Doing less than your contribution will mean you get chores that are bigger and worse.  There's always sock folding....just saying.

1.  Entertainment:  We have made a list of things we hope to do this summer.  Look at the list.  Do them.  And if there's nothing on the list you want to do or that can be done...READ.  

Thank you.  Happy Summer.   Love, Mom


Helene said...

What a great list. You are an awesome mom!

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