Thursday, January 22, 2015

If You Can't March Today

Today is the March for Life in Washington, DC.  I believe all human life is precious, from conception to natural death.  Right now, hundreds of thousands are braving the cold to walk from the mall to the Supreme Court, witnessing and praying for all who suffer the wounds of abortion, and for all those who died because of abortion.  

Even if you cannot march, today you can do something to stand up for life.    I used the number 42 because the decision which made abortion the law of the land happened 42 years ago today.

42) Call your mother.  She accepted you sight unseen.  She said "Yes."
41) Pray a rosary for the unborn and for pregnant mothers.
40) Make a donation of clothing or goods to a local pregnancy crisis shelter.
39) Join your local 40 Days for Life..
38) Fast for the day from something.
37) Make a holy hour.
36) Donate to the Priests for Life, Sisters of Life,, or Good Counsel Homes..
35) Lobby your legislators.   Find your Senators or Representatives.
34) Read "Horton Hears a Who" to your children.
33) Hug your children.
32) Reach out to a friend or family member who is pregnant or a new mom, invite them out to lunch.
31) Bring food to a pantry program.
30) Go to mass.
29) Read Abby Johnson's Unplanned..
28) Tweet the Pope's "Every life is a gift."
27) Consider adoption.
26) Pray before a clinic.
25) Visit someone who can't get out, offer assistance.
24) Register to vote.
23) Join the pro-life ministry in your parish.
22) Read Humane Vitae. (It's short).
20) Read the decision and the dissent of Roe vs. Wade.  Know that the original Roe, now opposes abortion.
19) Read today's readings.
18) Witness to life with your own family.
17) Read Jeremiah's 1:5 "Before I formed you..."
16) Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for those who practice abortion/run the clinics.
15) Discuss this issue with friends.
14) Reflect on the number of people lost world wide as a result of abortion, and then multiply that number by three, to get the number of families scarred by the culture of death.
13) Put a Pro-life sticker on the back of your car.
12) Volunteer in homes for those suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia.
11) Become part of Special Olympics. 90% of those diagnosed with Down Syndrome are terminated in the womb.  Those who survive the rubicon of the womb need our support.
10) Pray to the Blessed Mother, no one understands the impact of saying "Yes" to life more than she,
9) Look at pictures of ultrasounds.
8) Read the stories of Be Not Afraid.
7)  Go to EWTN or Guadalupe Radio to find out what pro-life events are in your area.
6) Study the apologetics of being Pro-life.  Here's one of my favorites: Peter Kreeft.  I just gave you one of his gems. He has more beautiful thoughtful writing at that sight.
5) Follow Jill Stanek.  She's a nurse, she testified about infants being left to die after botched abortions, and stays on top of the political and cultural issues that are pro-life.
4) Get involved in the Susan B Anthony list, an activist group that works to educate both the public and the politicians about pro-life issues.
3) Support programs that help the poor.  I'm partial to Catholic Charities. Poverty is a pro-life issue.  We aren't just about the unborn, we're about life.  Being pro-life means we want to help all out there with the hard business of living.  
2) Watch a pro-life movie.  Some of the more recent possibilities include The Drop Box, Juno, Life is Beautiful, The Giver, Amazing Grace, August Rush, Bella, Children of Men.  I got some of the list from Students for Life.
1) Look for and share articles about the March for Life, they're somewhat rare. The running gag is that 200,000-near 500,000 pro-life ninjas take over the streets of Washington DC every January 22nd. You can watch those masters of stealth witness to life at 12 noon today on C-Span.

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