Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Ten Reasons a Teen Shouldn't Leave Her Phone at Home

*This post in no way reflects any opinion whatsoever about the inability of adults to communicate with any teen in particular despite providing for said communication device even if it is grey, not smart, and ONLY a phone. 

Why you shouldn't leave your phone at home when you go out into the world...

10) Parents might read text messages sent after teen has left for the day by accident, before recognizing the device to be yours.  That might be mortifying.

9) As such, we might (not that we did mind you), respond.

8) We will know the names of some of your school friends and ask about them in front of your siblings, giving your brothers and sisters...potential weapons.

7) To make contact with you about the schedule absent a phone, we might contact the school and have them track you down, again...slightly embarrassing. 

6) Mom will also be put out by an extra trip if she deems it necessary for the good of the whole family to bring it to you.

5) The going price for extra errands such as phone delivery, is dinner dishes including pots and pans for the first offense. 

4) Second time adds free babysitting for an evening, no pizza.

3) Third time....we should not have to consider this possibility.

2) Phones left at home will be reprogramed with a locked ring tone playing Lionel Riche's "Hello."

1) Finally, should the phone continue to be abandoned at home, there are other children here who covet your cellphone.  Just saying. 


Father Maurer said...

Is this post perchance prompted by the circumstance it describes? If so, you deserve some sort of reward!

Either way, fun list. Thanks!

Sherry Antonetti said...

I can neither confirm nor deny the inspiration, I will note, today, the phone was not left at home.

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