Friday, May 23, 2014

Two week Blog Break...

It began unintentionally, because I'm in the midst of graduation/exams/end of school year/first communion/confirmation/normal every day stuff/obligation writings but I'm seeing that this siege on my time is going to continue until the end of next week, so I'm taking a sablogital until June 1st.  Small Stones Saturday will still post, as I've already cut and pasted them into place, as will a link to Small Success Thursday --as I promised to do that to Lisa and Sarah over at, but unless something is published (i.e. not by me), I'm taking off from this blog to manage the events of these two weeks.   Thank you for understanding, and I promise to be back, bright and bushytailed and blog-a-liciously funny when I get back.  

Here's a link to Small Success Thursday so you can be part of it even though it's Friday, because we can always count our blessings.

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