Saturday, May 3, 2014

Small Stones Collection

I still write poetry, mostly because it's fun.  I'm now starting to collect them.  Here are my most recent ones. 

The barred owl shuffled along the road,
stopped and stared into the headlights of our car.
Bored when we seemed to be doing nothing, ...
he pumped his great wings
and sought out other parts of the park,
hoping the next exhibit would include more interesting animals.

Ready for Prom
Her face at her face
drew an unexpected smile
as if seeing ...

what we'd seen
since the first day
we ever saw her eyes.

Proud...or not
My son
took two chocolate bunnies
and smeared peanut butter between them,...
making a sandwich.

I'm disturbed.
Both because he thought of it
as he happily munches away,
and that I didn't.

Banishing the Demons of 7th Grade
(It's about damn time)!
I will open a book and read...

and I will not grade myself
on how far I get
or how long I got to spend
and I will not
consider myself to have failed
if at the end of that time
I decide
this book
isn't the one
to feed me today.

Good Friday
Wasn't going well.
The very air is stale
of my mood...
but it all comes to a blessed relief
when my second son,
the one who always fights,
the one who always struggles
puts out his arms
and carries his sleeping brother
up the stairs.
It doesn't take much.
It never did.
Just love.
Just love.

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