Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prayers for Harvard

My dad went to Harvard.  He didn't particularly love it, but his children were proud of his accomplishments.  But he knew the place to be in love with itself, and self love eventually becomes self loathing, as indicated by the planned "black mass" on May 12th.  

Fortunately, we are not without recourse. Elizabeth Scalia, a.k.a. The Anchoress, has been following the story here. 

But we need to do more than know about this or pester the people who run that university, we need to fight spiritual assaults with the proper spiritual weapons.   So I propose a Rosary by Catholic Blogs, a rosary for those involved in this event, for those who promoted it, for those tacitly pretending it does no harm, for those who think it cool, for all those who will be injured by it.   I'm going to ask all the bloggers I have formed friendships with over the years via the com boxes to participate and put a link to their blog here. 

I'm also attaching a link to a beautiful site where you can pray the rosary with people world wide.  

So if you'd like to join the blog rosary in this month of May for all those affected by even the intent to form a blasphemy on the Eucharist and the mass, post this picture on your blog and just leave a note in the com box.  You can also pray anonymously, but I think knowing others are praying, that we are really a community of Catholics, who pray for those who hate the Eucharist, and who do not know what they are doing, and who are doing things which can destroy themselves, is a comfort and a good way to fight against the cackling devil and those who think this harmless.   For some evils, the only recourse is prayer and fasting.   This is one of those moments.  

I will reach out to those I know personally, because evil must be resisted and publically, by those who know it to be evil.   Even if it is a hoax, those who presented it, need prayers.  Even if it is stopped now that people in positions of authority know about it, these people need our prayers.


Joanne said...

I was not aware of this. I will definitely say a rosary for all involved.

ama said...

Count me in!

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