Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just One Week Until National Media Mime Day

That's right, only 7 days left until all the major news networks, print, websites, radio, streaming radio, newspapers, pundits and blogs join in silent solidarity with those tiresome artists who think if they don't think it's there, it isn't, and if they think it is, well then it exists.  Funny how that invisible wall is so strong and then not, depending upon the will of the individual.

Rumors of the run on black and white stripped shirts, black leggings and clown makeup causing a mark up on prices continue to be dismissed, but the dearth of Mime supplies lend credence to the possibility that this year, participants in the Nothing Happened Today of Any Significance Whatsoever Whistle past the National Mall are united in their efforts to avoid discussion of that which must not be covered, that which must not be acknowledged, that which cannot be said.

When asked if they were going to do a report on any random amassing of crowds from all over the country on the National Mall for a 2.5 mile walk despite the traditionally frigid weather...
Guess they're practicing for the big day.  

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Gerry M said...

I wonder if in the land of the mime they publicize The Event a little more? Well, the one in Paris is on 19 janvier. It's in code here ( http://enmarchepourlavie.fr/marche-pour-vie-du-19-janvier-paris ) so no one will notice in the US.

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