Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What We Can Do

Many of us aren't near Washington, DC for tomorrow's march which takes place regardless of the weather at 1 o'clock.  Many of us can't go owing to work or distance, health or familial obligations, but that does not release us from bearing witness to the Gospel of life in our daily lives.  How remains the question, do we reveal ourselves to be pro-life in the everyday if not with those who can brave the cold and march from the mall to the Supreme Court tomorrow? 

1) Phone your legislators on the federal, state and local level and tell them to vote pro-life.  You can find your senators here and representatives here.

2) Pray and fast for the end of abortion.  This is a battle for souls, it will not be won without grace.  Prayer is the greatest weapon we have, and some reparations must be done for the great injuries we export daily by the culture which promotes an evil as a right.  Fasting, little penances, help bring about the turning of hearts. 

3) Visit the sick, the lonely, feed the poor, comfort the cold and the seemingly lost.  Again, pro-life isn't just about abortion, it's merely the most visible manifestation of how little we understand the infinite value of everyone.   Pro-life means everyone, all of them.  We want to want everyone in Heaven, so we must see Christ in everyone, and serve Him as such.  

4) Read what the Church really teaches in the catechism.  We cannot witness what we do not know.  It is not enough to simply be aware of the Church's position, else we may come to slip into viewing it as a merely political stance.  We must know the root, the stem, the whole of the tree of thought, Humane Vitae seems an easy place to start.   The writings of Dorthy Day and Blessed Mother Teresa also reveal the heart of the Church, grounded in both theology and the muscular participation of serving the poor.  

5) Develop a relationship with your own family, connect with all of those given to you as blood, and with your friends, see them for the gifts they are, pray for those who have died, and offer whatever alms or sacrifices you can as gifts before the blessed sacrament, before the Christ child, before the crucifixion in thanks for the infinite mercy available to all of us. 

6) Watch Bella or Juno or Give Me Shelter, and understand that the question of abortion is often one driven by fear, so become someone who offers room in the inn, for the person knocking at the door, hoping someone will welcome them.  

7) Donate clothing and necessities to a pregnancy center or even better, your time. 

8) Prayerfully consider adoption. 

9) Pray for adoptions. 

10) Subscribe to or follow lifenews, Jill Stanek or Abby Johnson, all three good sources of information about the pro-life movement and how to help stem the bloody tide of 55 million killed.

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