Thursday, September 26, 2013

Small Success Thursday

Today is small success Thursday so it's the day to count blessings and examine the day, the week, all of it for whatever would get lost in the business of life.  

1) I'm grateful for the little nags of family and friends, that made me schedule  4 doctor appointments today. It is a victory over "I'll-get-to-it-itis."

2) Paul has gone to try to potty train three times in two days.  This is huge progress.

3) The woman who cuts my kids' hair. She's beautiful, she's brave and she's brilliant.  She is a hidden person, the world would see a beautician.  She's kind and it isn't service based kindness, it is a kindness born of having witnessed and endured real evil as matter of fact in every day such that she values simple goodness in the smallest of things in the every day. 

4) Friends at Saint Martin's, who constantly remind me what a pleasure it is to be in their company, whether while wrestling toddlers in the hallway during cub scouts, or when I'm making an additional stop at the school to pick up missing text books. 

5) Unexpected mail.  Peter got some beautiful shirts.  Paul got birthday clothes and toys that make his heart sing.  

6) Picking up Paul from the bus.  I was running down the driveway to get to him.  He saw me, put his arms out and ran the 50 yards with arms up out and with a full smile. Everyone should be so greeted, it's hard not to grin just remembering it. 

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