Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1.  One week until Helen is due and I am a nervous wreck. I don't know if we'll make it on time. Editing and formatting take time.  I am hopeful.  But I tend to always feel like Charlie Brown about to kick the football, except I just KNOW that she's going to swipe the thing away when I get to the point of actually kicking.   I am excited. I'm proud. I'm also working on Penelope and so I'm ready to see people enjoying Helen.  I also want to see how she all comes together. I've been editing her in pieces so I want to see the whole thing, to read it from cover to cover and experience her as if I'd discovered this book instead of written it.  

2.  There are so many movies I want to see. I've seen Iron Man 3 before, we're going to Into the Darkness tonight (Can't wait can't wait can't wait!) and then there's Now You See Me. That one looks slick and cool. 

3.  I am also considering three new viewing addictions that currently are popular.  Downtown Abby, Game of Thrones...and Dr. Who.  Yes. I'm aware that they are cult phenomena, every one of them. Yes I'm aware I'm late to the party. What I'd like to know is which one should I sink my teeth into next and why.  Sell me. Give me the pitch of why I should watch whichever one you think worth watching.  

4.  Next week, I go to the reunion at Saint Mary's. I hope to walk to Notre Dame and light a candle at the grotto. I'll get to see two of my favorite teachers for lunch on Friday.  It stuns me that this was my life, my whole life only 25 years ago.  The passage of time seems like nothing, and yet there is so much that has been crammed into these past many years.  It leaves me winded. 

5.  Does anyone else feel like the razor of the world is cutting deeper these days?  For me, the news has become a daily assault on my peace and sensibilities.  I think it is why the Church gave us Pope Francis, because his exhortations to be more than a museum piece Catholic, to go out and be salt and light to the world, well we knew this, but it is so heartening, so warming to be invited.  

6.  Two kids are done with school, one has exams next week.  Then we have two weeks before everyone gets out! SUMMER!!!!!!!!I believe I love it even more than they....and I hate their summer math books more too.  I was going to equivocate on that last bit but it's true. I hate those books. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate them.  I don't care that they are good for boosting math skills. They are evil and ruin summer that should be spent grilling, swimming, reading book after book after book, catching frogs and fireflies (not at the same time) and playing cards with your parents.   You know what's not on that list?  Math books.  There. I said it.  Bleah.

7.  There's a new post over on Facebook page for The Book of Helen.  It is an open page so anyone on Facebook can go over and read it. I would ask if you haven't yet, to please please please like the page.  My goal this week is to break 100 likes.  Next week, we'll work on getting to 200. 


Kevin J. Bartell said...

5) Yes. I saw an article suggesting Catholics should leave the military, the way the Pentagon is pushing believers around. Bad idea. We need to be out there more than ever, even if it means taking a little persecution, spreading the Faith at whatever cost. It's either that, or run for cover, like at the end of Piers Plowman. What I love about Pope Francis is, he realizes that our only shelter is Christ. So when we evangelize, we're not leaving our shelter. We're Taking shelter, and bringing it to others, that by all means we might save some. "This was sometime a paradox," yet now 'tis but a sign of contradiction.

tistylee said...

In my humble opinion, I think you should take up Doctor Who. I believe you would enjoy the history of the show and as well as the depth of plots. It is an amazing fantasy about a man traveling around space and time in his blue box. :) I have recently found it myself and believe it to be an amazing (life consuming, a little bit addictive) adventure. I would suggest starting with New Who. There are two most common starting places, either season 1 (with Christopher Eccleston) or season 5 (with Matt Smith). Either one would be a great place to fall in love with the Doctor!

Thank you for your blog!

-Missy said...

Watch Downtown Abbey! It's amazing and entertaining and educational and I love it. I am also watching Game of Thrones and while I like it, I mostly watch so I have something to talk to my husband about.

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