Monday, October 22, 2012

There is So MUCH I don't Know

It's finally happened.  I have aged out of homework.  My suggestions and assistance is officially out of date.  I'll have to wait until the youngest starts school, when my knowledge might suddenly become vintage and therefore trendy and useful. 

This week we have a project on John Adams on a paper plate, a project on a building in the community, (She's chosen the zoo), and a CD we have to burn of music.  I'm not going to be much help with these things.  I thought I could manage them, really, I did. 

But that was before the age of the Internet, where every kid doesn't just want to do what has been assigned, but wants to show they know more than the average bear.  So lions and tigers and bears are out.  Ligers and Kodiak bears and platipi are in.   We don't have those animals. (We have at least 500 toy animals in a bin, I know, I put them there, but we don't have ligers or Kodiak bears or platipi). 

"I want to make them out of clay." 
Inside my head (Not said aloud), "But I don't want to make them out of clay." 
What was said, "We have zebras and peacocks, horses and sheep, elephants, gorillas, alligators, frogs, dogs, pigs, giraffes, hippos, we even have bugs. Can't they be in your zoo?"

"Then it won't be an interesting zoo." she explained.
Inside of head is frustrated, not saying, "But that means a trip to the art store.  We don't need to make a trip. We need to make a project." 
I say, "We can start with the cages.  I have some boxes..."
"No Mommy, they need habitats to live in. My zoo has to have it look like they're in the wild even though they're not in the wild."
"You can color paper or put in construction paper..."
"Paint!  And we can get some fake grass and straw when we're at the art store."
"No. No. No. No. No." my brain is yelling.

"Great idea! Because I need plaster-of-Paris for my head of John Adams." my son pops up. 
"You can't use paper mache?" I ask.  Paper mache is a big concession from me. They don't understand. I'm advocating for something sticky, gluey, messy and which takes forever to clean up.

Nope. His heart is set too.

So I'm scared.  The 7th grade has to create a CD of church music.  I fully expect I'll be having to learn the harpsichord or commission a local choir for that experience. 

In the meantime, I'll be at the art store surrendering my credit card or outside, washing down the glue from our deck. 


maria mcclure said...

I feel your pain.

Rose Godfrey said...

Sherry, I wouldn't worry about "aging out" too much. President Obama told Jay Leno that math is hard after 7th grade--can't help the girls with homework anymore. I guess that explains a few things.

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