Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Know She's Not on the Ballot

But given the state of things, what this nation really needs now is mom and apple pie. 

Moms deal with fighting siblings who view minor infractions on their property as a reason to declare World War III, so a mom could certainly deal with the squabbles in congress.

When one party locks the other out of a bill writing session what do you think Mom would do?  She'd bang on that door and demand they open it up and share or they'd be doing dishes and the fact, because they did that, they get to do the dishes and laundry together.

When someone issues a fake apology, Mom would be there to make him redo it, mean it and make restitution. Then she'd watch over him like a hawk to make sure whatever it is, it didn't happen again.

When Congress votes itself a pay raise, Mom would be there to cross it out and say Knock it off, it's not like you're suffering and tell them to get back to work.

Mom would not let them leave the house in a mess, she'd make the Senate pick up their toys too. 

Do you think Mom would let the press tell fibs about either side on anything? Me neither.

About Childhood obesity.  She'd tell everyone to turn off the computer and tv and get outside and get some fresh air until dinner.

About the deficit. She'd cut coupons. She'd go to each department and tell them to prioritize. She'd then tell everyone who helped make this mess to chip in a bit.  She'd also give everyone who helped spend us into this mess a serious lecture about accepting responsibility and make them chip in more.

On dealing with other countries/foreign policy.  Don't give money to bullies. Don't play with bullies. Don't put up with bullies.   And bullies? You're not welcome, you can't play with us. Shape up and we'll talk. Pretty simple. 

On the unemployment problem, Mom always has jobs.  Every mom I know can think of ten jobs that need doing right now.  Imagine an army of moms. We'd have the rate down to zero if moms were in charge. 

And lastly, it's been a hard few years.  It's cold outside. We need a little warming, a little joy and sweetness and happiness.  That's what the pie is for, she'd even make it a'la mode.

So Vote Mom in 2012 --She's not on the ticket, but she should be.

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jublke said...

Great post! I couldn't agree more.

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