Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1.  Where Are You On Your Book?  

Editing. Starting on page one.  My new best friend Annie (the editor at Museitup) has given me 15 days to go through all the that, had, but, and, then, about, was, as, very, were, has been, had been, will be, as if, as though, ly adverbs, around, just, could only, some, going to, started to, began or began to, towards, backwards, forwards, should of's of my 312 pages.    Oy. 

2. How is Penelope doing?

She's having to be patient.  I'm stuck at 15k.  I need a structure, a scaffolding for this book.  I'm trying to discipline my mind enough to do it.  There seems to be an absence of will in my spirit these days, like my brain is fried and dull. 

3. How is Exercise doing?

See #2.  I have yet to do my first push up in the month of October.  

4.  What Else is Going on?

I'm still doing a daily rosary, still trying to keep the laundry from exploding out of control, still waiting for a dishwasher to arrive on the 8th and still have two weeks of baseball left.  We also have a homecoming this weekend and a child who turns 7.

I'm not sure if I
5.  Have you planned the party?

Not yet.  We have an idea. We have a date in mind. We need to get started.  Stat! What are we doing? Halloween party with costumes, bobbing for apples, that spook house under the table bit, musical chairs to the Monster Mash, a cake with vampire teeth --birthday girl's idea, broom races, and pumpkin painting.  Should be fun.

6. What Else?

I'm a bit sad because a favorite professor from Notre Dame, a man who taught my father, my husband and later me, (Political Theory and Camus), died this past week.  A bit of the heart of the campus for me, is no longer on campus. 

7.  Costumes for Halloween:  So far, I have one Rainbow Dash, one dinosaur, one cheerleader, one who wanted to be a vampire but can't so I'll have to sell her on something else, (Maybe she can be a Vampire Slayer Cheerleader), one who always squirms and then opts for a straight rubber mask --like a Gorilla, and one who I think will be a princess again because she loves them so, Link, and the inscrutable one still hasn't decided but is considering Moaning Myrtle again. (It was one of my favorite costumes that she created so I'm hoping).  

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