Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There's a Reason Hidden Spots stay Hidden

I've been using Flylady to help take control of my home. You're supposed to look for hot spots and start to gradually take them on.  I'd come to recognize I had a hidden hot spot that needed an intervention, my son's room.

At first glance, the room looked good.  Then I opened the hidden door and promptly felt the teeth of despair. This would take much longer than 15 minutes (suggested amount of time given to spot clean).  I took it upon myself to begin cleaning out my son's closet.  Five minutes in, I knew it was a grave mistake to have started this project.  There were legos everywhere, cards, homework assignments from 4th grade.  We moved here after he started high school.  

Now there has always been a standing rule that any money found while cleaning goes to the cleanee.  I found a few English coins, some Monopoly dollars and some pennies.  I felt ripped off.  

Never one to wallow in self pity, I tried self medication.  Alas, five trash bags later, even Lindt Emergency Buy Milk Chocolate proved insufficient to the task.  

It is impressive to see how much has been hidden in one small section of one room.  It begs the question of whether if one doesn't know the laws of physics, the laws actually apply. One of my sons came through and snatched up a game boy. Soon there was a collective of dumpster diving children all dressed for bed sifting through the stuff for hidden treasures.   There were stickers and baseball cards and an orc mask that my 5 and 6 year old thought was wonderful. They spent the next fifteen minutes scaring each other. It made bedtime hard.

An hour later, I called it a day.  Much was left undone.  It will need at least another day of labor and probably the rest of the candy I'd supposedly purchased for a friend's birthday.  And tomorrow, I will tackle the playpen that has become the holding place for all toys after 7 pm.  I may need something stronger than chocolate. 

And the next hidden spot in plain sight that I'm not seeing, I'm volunteering to continue not seeing.

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Neen said...

Just remember that Fly Lady didn't have a house FULL of kids. I love the ideas but it is very hard to clean the kitchen sink every night when the older kids all have a late evening snack after I go to bed! Now that I have 11 ranging from 21 to 4 months I don't even know when I should be awake or asleep. Good luck on your next project, even if you decide to ignore it. Maybe you just need to clean out the Chocolate drawer.

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