Saturday, September 15, 2012

Knowing the Signs*

It begins in the morning, sometimes before one even gets out of bed. Where others are reaching for their I-pad or kindle or in Luddite cases, turning on the television or radio, this person is different.  This person is addicted. This person needs help. This person starts praying (that's right) praying before feet hit the floor. 

Sure you're thinking, it's just a ritual. It's just route stuff.  And that admittedly is how it starts.  A Hail Mary here.  A prayer card there. But it escalates. Each prayer pushes the person towards more prayer such that variety becomes a necessity.  The addicted person now has a player's deck worth of special novenas, prayers for intentions and a whole host of saints.  They've got a rosary stashed in the car and a prayer table and start arranging the schedule to go to adoration or even a second mass during the week.  Their addiction is now interrupting the day.  It has become routine. Sure they're multi-tasking, saying a decade while folding laundry, reading the scripture while on the treadmill or listening to a Catholic radio host while running errands, but it's 24-7. 

But the effects of constantly talking to God and the saints don't end with simply keeping the mind and heart occupied, it starts to interfere with other things like watching sit-coms, listening to politics or surfing the net.  Even Facebook status is affected.  Soon, the poor soul is so obsessed, they lapse into the Divine Mercy Chaplet automatically at 3 o'clock and they don't even need a brochure.   They integrate God into every facet of their lives such that it is inescapable.

But you can intervene.  You can help.  You can talk politics with them or food or sports. Anything but feeding their obsession with God.  It might work.  And if it doesn't and you've tried every worldly thing you could think of, you could always...just say a prayer for them. 

*Inspired by The Crescat, a fellow Catholic blogger who specializes in hifreakin' hilarity and satire, but who is taking a break from blogging. Enjoy your sabbatical. We'll keep the internet warm for you.

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