Monday, September 24, 2012

Mom is Many Things, Not a Scout

I have tried three times before to be a supportive mother in the arena of scouting. 

And by good, I mean I tracked down a person to sew on the patches the first go around. 

When my first daughter expressed no interest, I breathed a sigh of relief. 

When my second daughter became a daisy, I mooched off the den mothers mercilessly.  Curiously, both families left the school, and with their departure, so ended scouting.

My next son and I declared our mutual indifference.

My next daughter ached to be a daisy but the only way that would happen is if there were a troop master. Was I interested?  I admit, I used pregnancy as an excuse.  It works for most people.  They were annoyed when I tried it. 

Now, we have come to the sixth child. He has patiently put up with being put off on this decision for two cub scout years.  He's smart.  He's done his homework.  My next two daughters can do Daisies at the same time on the same day. Three doing an activity for the price of one errand.  He knows this is a weakness I have.  Plus he's good in school. Plus he does his homework. Plus he pointed out, it's his only outside activity.  (Like I said, he's good). 

Dinner ran a bit late so we were driving to a 7:00 meeting at 7:30. "That's okay Mom, it's on time for us..." my son offered. Oooff.  Ow...must speed up vehicle, defy time stream, eliminate need of son to explain away me. 

So we went to the meeting and I filled out the application. The form said check all that apply and I was doing fine checking it came to camp chaperon, field trip guide, assistant troop leader...until I got to this one:

I will be a supportive active Cub Scout parent.

"Define Active?" I asked. 
"It means you'll get him to meetings, encourage his participation, aid in his getting badges, be sure he's properly attired."  a veteran scout mother told me.
"How properly?"  I wanted to know, vowing to simply send the shirt to the dry cleaner's every week after the meeting.

Thinking about the obligations and being truthful, I hesitated.  I don't remember this from the first go around.  I'm guessing, they remember last time and are taking steps to make sure my son doesn't have to say, "That's's you."  come time to be awarded badges.

However, proof that change does not occur overnight no matter what the contract says, tonight was also Daisies....I forgot. 

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maria mcclure said...

In fairness... Daisies was off by a week to account for the Labor Day holiday. New rule moving forward. Daisies will meet on 1st and 3rd Monday. If it falls on a holiday, it's cancelled. No make up, no shifting. It's too hard to manage otherwise. :)

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