Wednesday, August 29, 2012

While I will Not Wordpress on...

Blogger was giving me fits yesterday. It vaporized two of my blog posts. That was after vaporizing a post on Sunday too.  Finally, annoyed, I thought maybe it was time to move to Wordpress. Wordpress seemed to be "the blog platform" of the sophisticated blogger...the arrived blogger, the one who made money writing to their own private audience.  (I do not make money with blogger, in fact my Google adsense that has been in place since about 2010, is still holding all the funds I've earned via ads, a whopping $27.86!). But I could set up a wordpress blog for free so I went to do it. 

On the dashboard, there is a button that lets you import your blog.  I imported my blog.  Do you know what it did? It uploaded every title, not one of the posts. Instead, every post is my "About me" profile page.  Bleah. 

If I were to post it, I could hear myself singing... Your blog's so in vain....every single post is About you....

But Blogger has returned to normal and thus, so have I.  

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LarryD said...

FYI - There are two ways to import - one is the way you did it (which I did, the first time), and there is a second method, which I did the second time, and it worked.

I left Blogger when it had seemed that my entire blog was deleted, and I was denied access to it. It was eight hours of frustration that I didn't want to live through again, so I switched. I am happier about it, but I do miss a couple Blogger features I no longer have.

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