Friday, August 10, 2012

Struggles that Don't Make Great Reading

5) We are out of diet coke.  I'd get the kids in the car and drive to the store but I lack the energy.  Why? We are out of diet coke.

4) Staying on a diet where all you eat are proteins and veggies means, if you step on the scale the next morning and the number hasn't gone down, you feel robbed. Personally.  I could have had this weight today and eaten a candy bar but instead....I got eggs.  Not happy.

3) The laundry takes over sofa.  The urge to bag it up even though it is clean and take it to the laundry mat where I can pay someone to fold it is strong. I'd pay my kids to do it but there isn't enough money in the federal government's dreams to make them want to possibly have to touch their brother's or sister's underwear. 

2) My children apparently suffer from the same fatigue as me even though they haven't developed an addiction to caffeine yet.  That's my only explanation for their leaving the towels and clothing from yesterday on the floor and the lights on in the bathroom.  Exhaustion. Yes. That's my explanation and I'm sticking to it. 

1) Fights over the TV.  The children have learned that one of three things shall happen:  a) the tv goes off. (This is the most likely).  b) all children involved will be given the chore of laundry. (See #2).  and c) I will control the TV, and as such, I shall be watching the Food Network or some bor-ring movie that you won't like. 

I may have to go out on an emergency run for diet coke.

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