Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pssst.....really not dead....I promise.

Okay, so this past week blogging has been at the bottom of the to do list, somewhere between organizing the back basement, folding socks, gardening and filing.    Why?

Well, it's not because I've been organizing the back basement, folding socks, gardening or filing.

I've been adjusting to having three teenagers home.  Three toddlers are easier...but I have both.

Getting up.

Toddlers: Easy.  You get them up. They are up. You get them dressed.  You feed them. They eat what you serve.  It is straight forward.
Teens: They are not up.  You can set alarms. You can go in and wake them yourselves.  You can tell them they cannot sleep all day and what do they have to be tired from?  They do not get up until after noon. They then present themselves to you and say, "I'm hungry."  You offer food. They reject it in favor of different food.  They fix their food.  They leave to go get dressed and you will not see them again until around 4, when they will again say, "I'm hungry" and refuse the food you offer. 

Going out.

Toddlers: Not easy.  You get them to the car. They kick off their shoes and socks. You strap them into their seats.  You debate furiously in your head whether it is worth it to re sod said children or wait until you get to where you are going to re sod children. 

Teens: Easy...but terrifying.  They are ready, already ready, really ready, can we go already ready to get in the car.  They're driving.


Toddlers: Want to help. It is not terribly effective but it is sweet.
Teens: You want them to help.  It is also not terribly effective. 


Toddlers: Bath, brush teeth, story, kisses, tuck Whakamole with children until they give up while you camp outside the room on the floor with the laptop. 

Teens:  After dinner, you don't see them again until the next day.  Unless you are obnoxious like me and turn off the internet at 10 p.m and hang out near the switch with said laptop to let them know, you have lots of practice with Whakamole.

So I'm back....why today?  Because Dad got tickets for said three teens to go to a baseball game and it's the second to last day of school, so the house with only toddlers, is oddly much more manageable.  

Though once school lets out, this blog may have to post only monthly.  :)


Ruth Cooke said...

Thanks muchly for the laugh, Sherry.

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair--you're hilarious!

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Eddie said...

Whakamole, oh the memories of sitting outside the door. I didn't always "win" those battles.

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