Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small Success Thursday

I know. It's after ten and you'ld think with not blogging, I'd be more prompt. 

Well, it's funny.  Fasting makes you spend a lot of time thinking about the fact that you are NOT writing and my brain keeps teasing out ideas and thoughts from whatever wherever I am.  But I have discovered those things that get sacrificed when you spend a lot of time writing, like going outside, playing baseball with your son until it gets dark and a bit after, reading to the youngest six, each of them their own story, and my house is cleaner. 

But Sherry, aren't you just substituting one activity for another by filling up the time?  Yes and no. It is a new process, a painful and clumsy and difficult one, to limit my desire to spill everything out onto every page every day.  But Lent is about learning to be still.  And stillness requires wilfulness.  I am stubbornly active.  Many years back, I played a game called the Cube.  In it, you envision the following objects. 

A dessert.
In the dessert is a cube. (Set in your mind the cube).
And a ladder.
And a horse.
And flowers.
And a storm.

Got it? A dessert. A Cube. A ladder. A horse. Flowers. And a  storm.

The cube is you. 

Mine was this spinning sparkling thing that could only be reached by a ladder (in my case a steel staircase ladder like you use to deplane), and the ladder stablized the cube and made it stop spinning. 

The ladder are friends.
For the sake of those who might want to finish the image, the dessert is the landscape of your life, the storm is trouble, the flowers are your children and the horse is your beloved.

Going back to my own image, friends keep me from being dizzy, they focus me, they stablize me. I had allowed blogging to substitute for friends, allowing me to spin.  So that's why I'm taking this hiatus.  Nothing tragic. Nothing crazy. Nothing earth shattering. Just hoping to do some more internal spring cleaning, to get rid of the piles of clutter that have gathered since the last time I dusted in here.

Now, what did I do this week?

1) I cleaned out a bedroom...even under the beds.

2) stopped blogging temporarily.

3) was accepted to pitch Helen at a writer's conference at the end of the month! (Exciting).

4) returned to making a daily list of things to just helps me every time I do it.

5) did my daughter's hair with the flat iron. My sister will be so proud. My idea of hair styling is a pony tail.

6) Thank you for the well wishes and prayers for my uncle. He is doing much better.  Thank you!

7) Took the bikes to be repaired this weekend (six of them!) and they'll be back the 3rd of April.

Now it's your turn.


munchesmom said...

Lots of good things on your list this week! Making to-do lists is definitely helpful for keeping me on track. I go back & forth, but know the days I keep one are much more productive.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

My mother faithfully carries out number 4 every night, as well...she said it motivates her to get up and get going in the mornings! I read to my youngest 6 each night after supper...the only problem I have is that they ALL want to sit RIGHT next to people end up on TOP of each other or up and behind me on the back of the some sort of "living boa-wrap" or something! LOL

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