Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Success Thursday

I should really remember to do these posts on Wednesday Night and not count on getting to the computer before 9:30 a.m! 

It doesn't feel like it has been 7 days. 

Today we stop to take measure of the week, of our triumphs, our moments of grace, of all the little victories that make up a whole life of love.  It is also time to pause and consider how tremendously blessed our lives are for all those who make demands on our time.  We count up the little things done with great love and remind ourselves that this life of growing souls is a work in progress and we need grace for each and every second, and more when we have too much laundry, too many bills or too much to do.   It helps to count the blessings when everything else we count feels overwhelming.

This week I:

1) exercised.  Twice.  I know. It needs to become more regular.

2) Worked on Helen.  Twice.  See comment above.

3) Went to confession as part of Lenten preparation.

4) Visited with my brother twice.  This also needs to become more regular.

5) Continued reading Harry Potter to son.  Reading to everyone 10 down is bearing fruit.  It's weird. Even if we're running late, if I read to them, they go down easier.  Otherwise, I'm playing kid whack a mole trying to keep them all in bed.

6) That non scream you're hearing, is only because I've told myself not to go back down unto the basement where they made a city out of bins and blankets.  The toys that were in those bins now constitute a new mountain range in the Mid Atlantic states.  Sigh.  This is what happens when they give up television. 

7) I'm surrounded by cookies. I have not yet eaten a sleeve of Thin Mints. That may yet happen if I go back down into the basement.

Now it's your turn!


Karen said...

What a week! I need to do #3, and your #6 and #7 both take a lot of will power! I walked into our basement a few days ago and found the little stools from the kids' table on the couch and the pillows from the couch on the kids' table. I wanted to scream, but instead I decided to retreat upstairs and send the kids down to the basement to put everything back where it belongs. I think basement playrooms are an occasion of sin. LOL!

Maria said...

@karen... an occasion of sin. hahahahahaha. so agree with that for children and parents alike. :)

on the bright side, the kids are using their imaginations and you might get an engineer/architect out of the deal.

apparently what i gave up for lent was capitalization. sorry.

munchesmom said...

Our basement is pure terror for me...the amount of Legos on the floor constitute frequent obstacle courses & combat boots!

JJ's Mom said...

I love #5! And not just because I'm a Harry Potter fan, but because (even though I only have two) I can relate to kid whack a mole! Hope the success continues!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I'm thinkin' that since you did most of these things "twice"'re good for next week's meme, too!

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