Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Where do the weeks go? It seems like it is almost always Thursday.

Today we celebrate little things done with great love.
This week was insane. 

Friday we got hair cuts. 
Saturday we had to take one daughter to a speech contest. 
Sunday we had to serve 8:30 mass and help the kiddos to get through to homework.
Monday we had Daisy scouts and I had to deliver cookies.
Tuesday we had to get a new tire, take a son to the pediatrician's and go to a meeting at the high school for the 8th grader.
Wednesday the wheels came off and I bailed by rescheduling planned appointments for the day.

Oh...and I will ask for your prayers for my uncle who will have surgery either today or tomorrow.
Many thanks in advance.


munchesmom said...

Sounds like a very productive week! Praying for your uncle's surgery.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow, that's one busy week. If you survive it...that'll take care of your Success for next week!

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I've received a few requests to open up “Pay It Forward” to posts from a bloggers own blog. I thought I'd give it a try. Although the original idea was to share what you've seen elsewhere on the internet, I recognize that each time we post something on our own blogs we are also sharing Good News, great tips, wonderful prayers, fabulous photos, scrumptious recipes, hilarious humor, unbelievable books, stories of goodwill, or good things that have knocked our socks off. I hope you’ll post something from your blog.

I'll leave the March linky open until March 14th. (Entered links will appear in two posts.) I can't wait to see what gets posted!

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