Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Time of My Life

Two weeks ago, my son received what for him at the tender age of seven, is the epitome of joy, a birthday invitation from one of his best friends to one of his favorite places to celebrate.  Every day since has been like a glimpse into life at NASA before a shuttle launch. 

May 2 Breakfast:  Hey Mom!  It's Monday so that means I have 13 more days until my friend's party.  I can't wait.  We should get a present.  I've picked out my outfit.  Will you wrap the present? Can I go shopping today after school to get the present?  I have my own money.

May 3 Breakfast: Mom! We didn't go to the store yesterday. There are only 12 days left and I don't want to pick the wrong thing because I'm rushed.  I located the wrapping paper but we need tape. I'm so excited I can't wait!  But I had to change my outfit for the party because my brother stepped on it and left a shoe print.

May 4 After school in the car:  Can we go to Toys R Us? Borders? Target? How about now? It's getting closer and how many more days?  Oh yeah, I need to shop for Mother's day too.  Did you get tape?

May 5th Bedtime: MOM! MOM! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! I CAN'T FIND THE INVITATION! What if you forget about the party???? And I still need to go shopping.  Oh. I found duct tape if you need it, it's blue.

May 6th: Yes! We're going shopping.  Get to store.  Mom?  We can't go shopping. I forgot my Toys R Us coupon and my gift certificate.  Refuses to pick out something in a fit of determined frugalness.  Son does not understand the cost to parent of NOT shelling out the ten bucks while on the premises.

May 7th:  Sister's birthday.  Son sighs audibly during cake singing time.  It's still a week away to my friend's party.   Perks up when I present him with clear adhesive tape and wrapping paper that says, "Happy Birthday."

May 8th:  Mom? MOM! Mom!  I think a good mother's day present would be to take me to get my friend's present.  

May 9th, Monday of the party week:  How many hours?  I think I wore my outfit I'd picked out so you'll have to wash it or I have to get another.  Also, I think I used up the tape you gave me on a project yesterday.

May 10th: Mom! Thanks for bringing the coupon and gift certificate.  His older sister takes him into store.  He returns five minutes later with a Sponge Bob book and slightly sad.   "This was the only thing I saw I think he'd like." he explains.  Sister volunteers, "He kept picking out things that cost 30 dollars."

May 11th: Total insanity ensues as a second invitation to the same place the day before the anticipated party is issued.  Only 12 hours if you don't count sleeping.    Only twenty if you do.  Mom! We need a present! And I need TWO outfits because I don't want to wear the same thing to the same place for two different parties. 

May 12th: Breakfast 7:32 a.m.  After consulting with his sister for the math, "Only 9 hours and 28 minutes to my party!"  I wrap Sponge Bob. 
8:17 a.m.  Hey Mom! How many hours and minutes now?
8:55 a.m. How about now?
9:02  a.m.  I'm Really Really Really excited about this party.

Mom:  "Here." I put the timer on for the 8 hours and 28 minutes before I will be willing to get in the car.  He sits worshipfully looking at the timer for a while, watching the minutes tick by. Seized by the fear of being late, he dresses all the way to socks and shoes and a rain coat --it's misting outside, and refuses to take it off even for lunch.

The buzzer goes off. He has my shoes, keys, purse and phone waiting for me, while he's also clutching his present that we got for him on Friday for this classmate.  In the car.  Mom?  This car's clock is two minutes fast so you really have 17 minutes, not 15 to get to my party. There is traffic.  The magic time of 5:00 comes and goes and we still have not made the turn into the parking lot. 

Well, I guess it's okay if I'm one minute late.  Maybe the clocks at the party are two minutes slow and I'll still be on time.  I guess it's okay if we're two mintues..three...four...Mom? I missed the turn.  We arrive.  He rushes in and I don't see him until he comes home with his friend.  "IT WAS GREAT!  AND YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE BEST THING?  Only...18 and a half hours until my next party!

 How did you figure that out?  I asked my friend's dad. 

Today, first thing in the morning.  Hey Mom!  How many hours until the party?

Mental note for me, hide all invitations in the future until the day of.  Maybe the 1/2 hour before when I'm loading the car.

Realty based Bonus:  The second party?  The one that started this countdown? We went to the place for the 2 o'clock shebang. It's next week. We were to RSVP by yesterday.  Well, at least next Sunday, we'll be ready.


Joanne said...

That was great! I was right there with you the whole time, picturing the insanity! Been there, done that and lived to tell about it! God Bless!

Natalie said...

Oh goodness he's cute. =)

Anonymous said...

I want this son invited to all my parties! Imagine being the lucky person that invited him to the party!

Mum2eight said...

He reminds me of my 10 year old daughter.

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