Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Hello and welcome to week two of hosting Small Success Thursday.  Each week we stop to think about how in the past seven days, we've made progress towards the personal, professional, spiritual and parental goals we have for ourselves.  It's a weekly report that for me, helps keep me on task, grateful for all that is, and honest about what I need to do.  

To kick things off this week I:

1) Held a birthday party for a fifteen year old with fifteen other fifteen year olds.  It was actually quite fun and easy, we supplied food. They played, they laughed, they took pictures and went outside to run around, they watched a movie and I have to say, I love my daughter and I love her choice in friends.  They were all lovely.  It's a pleasure to see her growing up.

2) Writing wise this week I worked on Helen! My book is now 51,000 words, 114 of the 207 so far have been cleaned up and for me, it's a big deal because I'd been stuck at 49.5K for the LONGEST time.  However the phrase "Progress, not perfection." is my touchstone for returning again and again to work on this coming on four year old project. Stop trying to write THE novel and write Your book.  Have fun and recognize that even if it is never published, if I finish it, I will be able to say I wrote a book and that means something, like finishing a marathon even if you aren't under qualifying time. 

3) Had a picnic indoors, played trains and made chocolate chip cookies this week with the kids.  Tomorrow is their big show at school and we will be going.  I am looking forward to this; I have resolved to stop viewing going out as a giant obstacle (which was how I viewed loading the car), and take pleasure in the process.  

4) Made it to the sacrament of reconciliation this week and booked my youngest daughter's baptism.

5) Took a night off --stopped working at 10 pm and started reading a book.

Now it's your turn.  Sign in using Mr. Linky and at your blog, list three or more successes from this past week.  If you don't have a blog, leave your success story in the comments section.  Hopefully blogger won't eat the post this time!  


munchesmom said...

Great job this week! You are one brave woman having 15 fifteen yr. olds over. Glad to hear it went well! Indoor picnics can be so much fun for little ones.

Mary B said...

I actually Blogged! Wow!

soxsideirish4 said...

This is really 'small' but I was able to get a shower 2day @ a normal time.

SherryTex said...

Soxsideirish, it isn't small. Sometimes,that's a major victory!

Musings on Motherhood and Ministry said...

15 fifteen year olds - I stand in awe. By comparison, a party of noisy 5 year olds is easy, I'm sure! And I love the grace with which you take on board her friends. (Oh - Mr Linky puts my long nom de plume outside of the white background - I'm sure you can deal with messy - but sorry...)

Anonymous said...

For nonbloggers (that is I do not write a blog, but I do read some of them)-Successes this week-
1. have contacted everyone I was supposed to reach about a dinner next week.
2. have asked two people to read at a mass for deceased members of our group.
3. made a commitment to have fun with some of our family on Sunday.
4. actually wrote a letter to a family member.

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of small success Thursday. My problem is that on Th I can't remember the thing I thought was such a success on W. I'm going to start keeping a list :)


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