Monday, May 16, 2011

On Hold

I have been paging Saint Anthony since Friday for the return of two right foot tennis shoes for my two year old son Paul.  Now St. Tony and I go way back. I visited Padua on my 22nd birthday.  We've got an understanding.  On numerous occasions with multiple witnesses, I have solicited his assistance in locating items only to have them quite literally appear in the next second before I can draw breath. 

Lest you think I'm bluffing, the most recent came on Friday when I'd loaded up the car and found that the van would not shift out of park. With the baby beginning to get agitated and no supplies as we'd been out a while and used them up, I could not afford to be stranded.

So, after multiple attempts of turning the wheel, turning the key, turning the key, turning the wheel, and getting no where except more frustrated, I muttered aloud, "Saint Anthony help me find a way to get this car moving."  The car gear immediately released in my hand.  The second after that, my 13 year old found an earring I'd been searching for and given up for lost eight weeks ago.  The kids saw it and commented. "Wow! Go Saint Anthony!" and I seconded it.  I've always tried to point out that you do have to be looking. trying, in there pitching, but I can't deny that this saint in my life has a strong batting average. 

In searching for Paul's shoes, I began a systemic search today and as a result acquired 15 sharpened pencils, two previously thought gone forever DVD's, a USB of my daughter's behind a cabinet, four sippy cups (that had been full of water and now were simply empty and lost), two library books, six cute socks that have clean cute mates sitting in the sock bin, and a shirt I'd been missing.  This isn't a case of providing exaggeration to create comic effect.  The piles of treasures found made me feel as if Saint Anthony was today clearing out his old files or defragging his computer, there were so many "Oh yeah I wondered where that went" type moments.  He'd answered all past pending prayers in one afternoon.
However the shoes remain MIA.  I may have left the poor saint exhausted with my constant pleas.  I could hear St. Anthony's humor back at me, "Your call is very important to us and will be handled in the order it was received."

Still, he's never failed me yet so I guess I'm just on hold. I'll have to lose a few more things to create a queue.

But I've told him I'm easy, I'll gladly trade having two left feet shoes for having one of each even if they don't match. 

P.S.  This morning, walking down to wake up my daughters, I spied the toy train bin.  A mental note, "You should play Thomas the Tank Engine with Paul today." popped into my head.  I pulled the bin out further to remind me later.  There, on top of the bin, a bin I'd gone through at least three times the other day with no luck, was Paul's shoe.    So I will be playing trains this morning.  Thank you Saint Anthony. 


Cathy D said...

My husband lost his car keys after baseball practice last week. He had moved the boys into the grass outfield since the infield was so muddy. He was headed to another volunteer commitment from practice, so I came to pick up our youngest. He had all of his stuff out of the trunk of his car, looking for the keys. After he told me what had happened I asked, "Did you ask St. Anthony?" It doesn't often occur to him to ask. I always do. So I said my St. Anthony prayer and headed out to the outfield. My husband and son followed me. He found the keys immediately. Thank you St. Anthony!!

*kate said...

What a great story! I always forget to ask St Anthony for help and someone always reminds me. One of these days I hope I'll have a response like yours.

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