Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Imponderables

1) Does anyone else go fishing for toys atop their crown molding? I would like to know.

2) Why are there two paper cups duck taped to a paper towel tube in the bathroom?

3) Can anyone explain the presence of a half gallon jug of water in the middle of my son's bedroom?

4) Why does the most organized child with the neatest hand writing have the worst spelling and messiest room?

5) How come it takes me two minutes to dress myself and even if I lay out their clothes, it takes me an hour to get all the littles dressed? 

6) Why can't I lose weight at the same accidentally startling speed that I can gain it?

7) When in my life will I ever be early for an appointment?

8)  How can a child lose one shoe one week after we bought new ones so completely and yet I know it is in the house somewhere, such that my resistance is weakening and I'm considering buying replacements as we trudge through week three of creative footware? Answer: I don't know but think it has something to do with the same reason I keep skinny jeans. 

9) Why hasn't some entrepeneur made clothes to sell for Barbies that actually fit and don't make the doll look like she should be walking the street? 

10) When will scientists come up with a break thru study that advocates one of the habits I already have?


maria mcclure said...

1. no, but only because mine prefer to shove everything between couch cushions.
2. put it up against the wall and you can listen to the conversation in the next room.
3. thirst? beginnings of a water displacement experiment?
4. Priorities.
5. because YOUR limbs go into the right holes the FIRST time and aren't fighting you the rest of the time.
6.If we had the answer to that we would not need a space program.
7. remember to calculate loading and unloading time into your "time to destination" calculations.
8. Go buy the replacements. The missing shoe will turn up 25 hours after you toss the receipt.
9. Someone has and she is a parishioner at St. Martins. Most items priced under $5. Let me know if you are interested.
10. See #6.

MightyMom said...

1)...does atop the ceiling fan blades count?
2) I don't know but I'm think it's related to #3
4) exhausted her effort on organization and handwriting...nothing left for details like bedroom and sspelling
5) you don't wiggle as much
6) you're fun to be likes you.
7) in about 25 years. IF you stop haveing babies now.
8) it's intentional....
9) sex sells
10) when you stop doing it.

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