Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Secret Ingredient to a Girl's Party

Yesterday we threw a party.  The plan was for a pink party:  A glittery sugar spun sparkly frosted girly girl party for a nine year old with jewelry and lots of giggling and song and dance.  

The oldest went into the dollar store for balloons.  He came out with orange and black.  It's all they had but orange and black.  Really?  It's not like we're having a party for the Bengals or the Browns. 

At home, the cupcakes needed their final glittery details.  My middle son asked if he could help.  He's artistic so I ceeded the job.

Each of the cupcakes had :(  or   :P or XX faces in pink glittery frosting. 

The girls were slated to paint their nails with Lee Press ons.  The manicures were interrupted by the seven year old that decided this party lacked the festivities brought on by a Gorilla.  He donned a mask and gloves and chased them around the house. 

So it was a great party and all the girls loved it.  It had everything that a 9 year old daughter needs at a party, plus the one extra special and necessary ingredient: Boys....specifically, brothers.

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Natalie said...

The cupcakes are hilarious! =)

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