Thursday, April 14, 2011

Small Success Thursday

This week is full of little things that mean a lot to me.

1) We held a birthday party for Regina and she is potty trained. So yeah! I was asked what I would do if one of my older children ever reveals the truth that you can turn 4 and not have accomplished this feat, I said I wasn't terribly worried as I don't think Paul is going to be wise to that little myth, and that just means I have to walk it past Anna Maria.

2) My oldest daughter made a choice to stop track --and the stress level in her life has decreased exponentially.  She says she's going to keep running so to me, this is all good.

3) My oldest son is going to prom.

4) We had a birthday party last Friday for Faith and it was a great success.  For more details, see The Secret Ingredient post.

5) A friend stopped in the parking lot just to give me a hug. The hug has resonated since.

6) The house is not a total mess.

7) Started reading "The Great Gatsby." and am working a little every day on writing Helen.

Feel like nothing happened this week?  Bet you did more than you thought.  Make a list of what happened and go share it at Family and Faith Live!

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Mary said...

Wow! What a fantastic week. So much going on!

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