Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sounds Like Home

Anna-Maria is just three weeks old.  She still thinks the whole birth thing was rather rude.  After all, she had everything she needed: climate controlled perfect permanent jacuzzi, instant food at the slightest peckish whim via the umbilical cord, and none of this pesky need for clothing or crying or changing.  Now, everything she is discovering, requires thought and expression, in short, hassle.  

Keeping her calm has required either keeping her in a sling, attached to a bottle or Mom as the case may be, or being held.  She likes being wrapped up tight, simulating her prior residence.   Naturally, her 10 siblings have searched for alternative means of providing her with comfort and/or distraction.   She  has a mobile over her crib that plays music and a push button sheep that plays soothing sounds like a heart beat, rain falling, wind blowing and whale song.   (I do not know why the sheep doesn't bleat).   These things work, as do her vibrating bouncer and the tried and true car ride, but there is one other sound that puts her at ease.  It reminds her of home, she gets quiet and goes to sleep.  

Should I worry that her favorite noise is the shop vac?   


Maria Fernanda McClure said...

that's awesome! when she gets older she'll be able to soothe herself as she cleans!

MightyMom said...


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