Friday, February 25, 2011

Graceful States and Less So of Potty Training

I'm beginning to wish my daughter had less of a sterling character.  She is closing in on 4 (two months away) and has shown no willingness whatsoever to be bribed into potty training.  She maintains her integrity and her diaper.  

"You can have a new bike."
"I have one." She points to her hand me down bike. It's true.  She has a ride and thus is not covetous of more or so vain as to desire exclusivity of her wheels.

"You can earn M&m's."  I thought I had her as she is a chocolate fiend like her mother.  Alas, she is also resourceful and has mastered at the age of 3 3/4 how to open a ziplock bag of mini chocolate chips and help herself, and how to sweet talk siblings into sharing cookies, candy, ice cream and thus my quarantine on chocolatey goodness is much harder to enforce than one might imagine.

Modeling is supposed to be a good motivator for kids.  "Hey Gina, if you went potty, you could go to school like a big kid, like your sister."  Her sister pulls out her backpack and showcases her pencil case complete with bright colors and markers.  "No thanks." and she goes to the art bin and takes out the broken bits, inspired to create a masterpiece herself without the strings attached of wearing underwear.

So I tried to motivate her through sibling rivalry.  "Hey Paul!"(Paul is two). "Do you want to potty train?"  He nods his head "Yes." with a smile.  We'll make a go of it with him because of that, but his older sister who I hoped to inspire to action, hugged her brother and said, "That's great Paul! You can go first." 
Lures of Greed, Gluttony, Envy and Pride have not been successful. I'm not sure how I could tempt her with Sloth, Wrath or Lust.  I consulted scripture and paraphrased, "You may do all that you want in this house except use the potty." 

"Ok." She responded. 

Guess I'll be stuck in this diaper Eden a bit longer.  All I know is whatever bite of the tree of knowledge I got, didn't include potty training.   Lord, I wish this wasn't a completely true story. 


Marisa said...

This was a awesome story, so close to my heart. I wish I had a little bit of knowledge to share with you.

Marisa said...

This was a awesome post!

I totally understand how you feel. I wish I had a bit of knowledge to share with you.

MightyMom said...

haha! I'm right there with you friend!

My just turned 4 yr old girl is now in underwear....having NEVER put any pee in the potty....but she wanted to wear the underwear...hopefully there won't be too many wet spots all over my house before she decides she wants them to stay DRY!

MightyMom said...

and who said girls were easier to train than boys?????!!!!

I'd like to shoot that person.

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