Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anna Maria Hope Antonetti

Hello Loyal Readers and Friends,

It’s me, Sherry’s brother, Dan. I’m the one who’s running the marathon, the one who lost the house, and Lord knows what else Sherry has told cyber world. …Did she ever mention the Lego incident between me and my little sister when I was seven? If so, I’d like to apologize publicly. If not, …it’s not worth discussing.

Today at Chocolate for the Brain, I am filling in for Sherry because she’s busy taking care of herself and the new baby, Anna Maria Hope Antonetti (great name, right?). Anyway, we have talked twice over the past week and she asked me to post for her. I don’t mind. I have always liked the role of guest.

The following is based on an interview I had with her just earlier today. As I am in Houston and she is in Maryland, this was done via bad speaker phone to bad speaker phone. Occasionally I was unable to hear her answers clearly. In those moments, I made up what I think must have been her answers. To help you decipher, I have capitalized the portions of the phone call wherein I simply had to make up what I think she must have said.

Me: So Sherry? how's it going?
Sherry: Well it’s Day 4 in the spa, but being stuck here is best for me right now.
Me: I’m sorry. The Shady Grove Spa?
Sherry: That's the name I have for the hospital. It's a place that guarantees I do no dishes, do no laundry, etc.
Me: I get it. Nice. So 4 days? Is everything okay?
Sherry: The Baby is fine. I can't leave until I get off some antibiotics. DID I MENTION THAT YOU ARE AN AWESOME BROTHER? …I don’t want to get into details about the delivery but...
Me: Please don't tell me anymore.
Sherry: You asked.
Me: Sisters are supposed to know what not to share with their brothers.
Sherry: Do you want to hear about the-
Me. No. Emphatically no. Whatever is the end of that sentence, I've already decided the answer is “no.”
Sherry: (laughs)
Me: …Tell me about the baby.
Sherry: Her name is Anna Maria Hope. She was born Thursday night at 8:27 in the evening, 7 lbs. 2 oz.
Me: Is that her crying in the background?
Sherry: Yes, that's her. She's a good nurser and she looks like a smaller version of Marta, because Marta was never this little. She's doing great.
Me: Marta was a big baby. I remember. I was there for that one.
Me: So who is at the house taking care of everyone?
Sherry: Well, my mother-in-law came to help before the birth. Between Marc and the oldest two kids, we have great support at home. Also Mom and Dad are there now and Aunt Joan will be here next week.
Me: Aunt Joan’s going to be there? Lucky.
Sherry: Don’t get jealous. Also, some good friends of mine are helping out: Gloria Rose, Maria, and Diane.
Me: So why Anna Maria Hope? It's a lovely name.
Sherry: Great story. Back in Houston, I was baptized by Sr. Anna Maria. She was working At St. Luke’s and I was stuck in the hospital for the first six months of my life. This meant Mom was too. One day Mom was complaining to the sister about how stressful it was to see me every day in the hospital, tubes attached here, there, and everywhere. Mom had been patient, but the doctors were so reluctant to release me. When Sr. Anna Maria saw Mom breaking down, she went into action immediately. Sr. Anna Maria went up to the top floor to talk to the hospital officials, she signed a few papers, removed every tube, and brought me to Mom. She put me in Mom’s arms and said, "Take her home. She's yours."
Me: Gotta love the nuns. They get things done.
Sherry: And Hope is just her name. We always try to give our kids their own name as well. Marc picked it out.
Me: That name is very appropriate. Anything else?
Sherry: We're both doing fine. I'll write when I get a chance.
Me: Do I get paid for this?
Sherry: As much as I do.
Me: Darn.
Sherry: I do have one thing.
Me: What’s that?
Sherry: Nothing God does is random.

The rest of the conversation went the way all of ours do -some theology, some worry, some joke, etc. Sherry will be home and posting very soon.

Anna Maria Hope Antonetti is a beautiful young girl. We are all so blessed to have her in our family. …She’s also so blessed to have so much life waiting for her back at the Antonetti house.

Anna Maria Hope,

Welcome to the world, kid.


Uncle Danny


Heidi Saxton said...

Please let Sherri know we love her and are praying for her antibiotics to work quickly and well, so she can come home soon!

Ruth Cooke said...

Congrats to Sherri and family, and Uncle Danny, I'm sure you really are awesome. (Though I'm not so sure you interpreted Sherri's words correctly... :p )

Haggis said...

wOOt! Congrats, Sherry.

Mum2eight said...

oh Dan,

Thanks so much for updating us all. I have been wondering about baby and Sherry.

I agree that Anna Maria Hope is a great name.

Blessings to Sherry and Anna Maria.

I totally agree that you are a great brother. If you weren't, we wouldn't know about the birth of Anna Maria.

Gini Koch said...

Yay! Thanks so much for posting, Dan, and congrats to Sherry and Marc and all the rest of the Antonetti gang and a huge welcome to the newest member!

MightyMom said...

well FINALLY!! that girl took her TIME!!


glad to hear all's well.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Biiiiiiig contests to the whole family!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Awww, congrats!

Mary said...

Congratulations Sherri!! She's beautiful!!

LarryD said...

Congratulations, Sherri! Welcome to the world, little one!

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