Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I....

Pulled back the bed, put all the stuff I hid under it on top, vacuumed with both the Dirt Devil and the Shop Vac, put the shoes in the closet and cleaned out the paperwork.


Was I hit by the cleaning fairy during the night causing me to think that it was time for a serious deep down clean?


Was I preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas by getting the house de-cluttered and debris free?


Did I finally channel my inner house cleaning goddess that demanded the home be sans miscellaneous piles of unidentifiable but crucial papers stacked in every corner?

I'd like to say yes, but it would be untrue.

So why have I been pitching and cleaning and clearing like a maniac?

We have an unwanted pet; a mensa mouse that has defied multiple traps stationed around the vents.

My husband has threatened to get a cat.

Given the seriousness of the proposed solution, blogging will be light until the critter gets caught.


MightyMom said...

dude, just get the cat! they're warm and cuddly and adorable.....and will keep your critter and all his siblings away.

Karen said...

There is no such thing as a better mousetrap. Two for a dollar at the local gracery store, strategically baited with peanut butter, these mavels of thin wood and tightly sprung copper wire provde a marvel of merciful execution.

Remember ... for every one that you see, there are ten more that you don't.


Danielle Hollars said...

We had mice in our last apartment, before we bought our home. They were so bad they should have been paying rent! Fought with our rental office for almost two years. My husband finally relented and got me two cats - we saw no more mice from that point on. We have a home now, and no mice. Tried every mouse trap there was, trust me...get a cat!

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