Friday, September 25, 2009

Commuter Pop Quiz

Problem #1

Child A always sits in the front seat.

Child B and C are in the second row but not next to each other.

Child D sits in the third row, leaving a whole fourth row empty and two seats on either side.

Children E, F, G and H get in the car. E cannot sit near F or G or H and cannot sit in the far back row or Child E will start a fight. Child F will cry if placed in the back. Child H will also sulk if anyone at all sits in the same row, claiming to need more space.

How long before Mom decides making three separate trips to the school to pick up children is a viable alternative to the otherwise cantankerous ride home?

Explain your reasoning.

Problem #2

Why does it take 30 minutes to traverse the 6.63 miles to the Metro after 6:25 in the morning, but only 15 minutes starting even one minute before?

Follow Up: Why does it take less time to load 8 children into a van plus backpacks and lunches, allotting for possible trains to travel 10 miles to school, than to take one to the Metro?

Problem #3

Why does it take 45 minutes to successfully load the car with two toddlers and one baby and one adult, purse and diaper bag in order to get to school for pick up, but only 5 minutes for five children, two toddlers, one baby, one adult, six back packs, a purse and a diaper bag to disembark at home?

Please submit your answers in the comments questions. Suggestions welcome and if implemented, will be awarded extra credit.


MightyMom said...

number 1. declare a Mad Hatter Tea Party Bus. Every child must sit in a brand new seat for the trip....then must change seats at every red light....or whenever Mom declares "New Cup (err seat) New Cup...Move Down Move Down."

number 2. Go the long way. Then you know it'll take a long time cuz it's the long way and you'll actually arrive ontime...after all "the closer we are to danger..the farther we are from harm" (wanna name the movie/character speaking/situation??)

number 3. after school milk and cookies waiting in the kitchen....and you even let each kid pick their fav type of milk!!!!!!!

SherryTex said...

"That doesn't make any sense. But then, you are very....small."

Pippin and I are buds. My kids think second breakfast actually exists!

Will try number 3 though and let you know.

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