Friday, September 11, 2009

50 Things to Save the World...and let me blog again.

50 ways to Save the World Today.

This piece was inspired by a fellow writer who created a thread asking how we could save the world and if the world needed saving.

It was not a religious forum but it asked a big question, what can we do to make the world better.

My personal belief is that the world cannot be saved except one person, one moment at a time. What we hope to save the world from, is despair, hopelessness, pain, rage, wrath, waste, sloth, isolation, neglect, carelessness and indifference.

What we hope is to create a world filled with people who act with charitable intent, careful forethought and great kindness, energy and generosity. What we hope is to reflect Christ to others through our actions, thoughts and words.

How do we do this? One moment, one person, one act of will at a time.

50) Exercise today. Don't look at the scale tomorrow.
49) Learn to play an instrument even if it's Wii Drums.
48) Volunteer with a charity of your choice.
47) Keep informed on the news.
46) Smile at someone.
45) Exercise the benefit of doubt towards someone else
44) Read to a kid.
43) Go outside.
42) Play.
41) Meet your neighbors.
40) Write a letter.
39) Remember birthdays.
38) Thank the custodian at your workplace, or the person in the fastfood restaurant.
37) Pick up one piece of litter on the side of the road.
36) Turn off the computer, the radio, the televison, blackberry, cellphone and talk.
35) Fix a dinner that takes time.
34) Write your Senator/representative
33) Schedule a dental appointment and a physical check up. Go.
32) Give away something to charity.
31) Write something beautiful.
30) Call your Mom, or remember her. Same with Dad.
29) Forgive someone in your heart, if you can't in person. Mean it.
28) Put fresh flowers on the table.
27) Pray often for others.
26) Root for the home team.
25) Dance with your children
24) Fix something in your house you've been meaning to get to.
23) Open a savings account.
22) Invite a family or friend over to dinner.
21) Plan a reunion.
20) Thank a teacher that made a difference to you.
19) Read a book you've never read but should have.
18) Plant a garden or weed one.
17) Schedule a date night, plan it.
16) Rescue a dog or cat.
15) Go to bed early.
14) Swallow a criticism
13) Go for a walk.
12) Ask someone else how you can help.
11) Be unafraid to speak your mind.
10) Learn your family tree and history.
9) When no one else is willing to volunteer, stand up.
8) Give someone talking your full attention rather than formulating your own clever response or multi-tasking.
7) Keep the promises you make.
6) Visit the sick.
5) Feed the hungry.
4) Banish smugness from your own mind and heart.
3) Appreciate beauty in all its forms.
2) Become one of those people others want to be like and be near, that makes people laugh, that gets things done, that listens well and cares.

1) Don't quit.

As a Catholic, I would add stay close to the sacraments and read the scripture daily. So I fired this off and now I want to restart the blog, because I want to still contribute and it's a good filter and story keeper for my family. But I have to limit myself and I admit, I'm not good at that. I'll keep it to the three times only and hope you'll bear with me.

Now I have to turn off the computer and start doing.


MightyMom said...

oh happy dance happy dance happy dance....

SHERRY'S BACK!! yippeee yahoooooooo



welcome back girl.
see you later..I got a couple things to do too!

SherryTex said...


I quit and found my production of actual writing dropped off tremendously. I'm just limiting myself to evenings so I won't write except then.

Anonymous said...

My friends asked about your blog yesterday. I will email everyone and tell them you're BACK (ala ghost busters???) love you-Texas Mom

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