Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Short Order Bit and a testimonial worth 1,000,000,000 plugs

But I took my kids to McDonalds to celebrate my second son's birthday lunch.

My oldest went to secure a table. We need a big one as you might imagine, and my second oldest ushered everyone into the play room where the table was, while I ordered with my youngest strapped down in a high chair.

The youngers ran to the play ground, began taking off their shoes and going into the tubes.

An 8 year old girl comes over to the table where my son is sitting and swipes at his arm, scratching him. "HEY! We were sitting here."

The table was clear of debris. The girl and her father or father figure had been leaving.

My son --according to his sister, "I'm sorry, no one was here and we're getting ready to eat as soon as my mom comes back with the food."

Father figure "You should move because my little Marcy is more important than you are."

My son "Well, that may be true, but I have seven other siblings. I think we trump Marcy."

They left.

A friend who reads this blog on a consistent basis said, "After reading, I always feel like I need a nap."

Chocolate for your Brain, it cures insomnia, exhaustion and the possibility of overwork!

Things to look forward to...working on a piece concerning traditions and birthday celebrations that has nothing to do with the very important little Marcy.

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