Saturday, August 2, 2008

Top Ten Signs You've Been Beached

We went to the beach yesterday. It's a required ritual of Summer. There are no bad days at the beach. However, there is a tipping point, where the sun and the sand and the surf work together in as symphonic siren like formula to induce temporary sanity or insanity depending upon your point of view.

Top Ten Signs You've Been Beached

10) Listening to anything other than Jimmy Buffet makes you cranky.

9) Haven't removed swim suit in three days.

8) Beer and pie make good breakfast.

7) Consider moving here year round, begin collecting phone numbers of local realtors.

6) Scruffy looking unshaven smiling man in a t-shirt, ripped cut offs and flip flops is your husband. He looks good.

5) Bouts of serious sleeping are followed by serious bouts of eating and swimming, followed by more sleeping.

4) Newspaper funnies seem like heavy reading material.

3) People at the local Jack's Pack-it where there seems to be an unlimited supply of ice cream and hot dogs for sale, now are on a first name basis.

2) No longer notice sand/grit in food or clothing.

1) Don't know what day it is. Don't care.


Amy said...

Sherry -- I found your blog b/c I was searching Catholic blogs. Then I saw that you write for -- I've been part of the off-shoot CatholicMom community for a long time. THEN I read that you've attended the Erma Bombeck conference. I'm assuming that's the annual humor writing conference held at the University of Dayton every year. It's already on my calendar to go next year! So of course, I had to add your blog to the list of blogs I read! I'd love for you to visit my blog sometime and offer some thoughts.

Keli said...

If only! It's been awhile since I've been beached and your list makes me eager to go. I take comfort in knowing that summer's not yet over, and to be honest, I do only live thirty minutes away from the beach. Sounds lovely!

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