Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mental Dim Sum and Sons

No unifying theme today, just some odds and ends I found amusing and in some cases, profound.
If you've never eaten Dim Sum, think of having a dinner entirely of appetizers. Heart's Delight or Jewels that tug on the heart is the concept to consider here --Tapas, or French courses, the idea is little snatches of yumminess that satisfy.

First: Happy birthday to my four year old. He's potty trained, so I can officially celebrate the anniversary of his birth. He told me, I'm allowed.

Second: We went out to dinner last night and the waiter showed up with a sunday and Sombrero for my birthday boy. When they put on the hat, he stuck his lower lip out and shrunk down to the size of a ball, he looked like a Mexican mushoom with that big hat on his head, but when the ice cream showed up...suddenly that hat was his very favor thing.

Third: And now a word from our sponsor. I don't get many comments. I don't get huge amounts of traffic. Aproximately 20 or so people visit this blog a day. The high water mark was 106 and that was with a serious plug from the Ironic Catholic, a brilliant blog I admire greatly.

The other day, I knew I had arrived on the blogosphere. I got my first Spam comment. I have printed it here minus their plugs to give due homage to the people who indicated I had entered the big leagues...it was in response to the Sous Chef piece.

A critical underpinning of a healthy diet is unque... A critical underpinning of a healthy diet is unquestionably the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, many adults do not like these fine foods - so kids are the concern. Anyone interested in getting kids to develop a friendly attitude towards fruits and vegetables should take a look at a new book called “Insert title here.” Great for kids of all ages – children even learn their alphabet through produce poems and then go on to more mature activities. Out only six months it is already being used in educational programs. It is coauthored by best-selling food writer Sir SPAM A Lot and Other Notable Quotable writer SPAM Jr. You can learn more at SPAM SPAM SPAM AND MORE SPAM.com
Publish Reject "

I'm sure it's a splendiferous book, postively "unque" and I'd have even given it a looksee if I thought a human had read my post.

And lasty,
Why I should really be both terribly pleased and worried:

Found my middle son's artwork.
He had drawn a rosary.

He made a list entitled "Pray For Every Night"
Here is the list, punctuation included.

1. boy twins.
2. Mom and Dad.
3. poor people.
4. My brother.
5. Everyone!!

I am in big big big trouble.

Don't forget, you can find more laughs at http://www.humor-blogs.com/! They're funny even when I'm not.


Larramie said...

A potty-trained 4-year old and a potential "man of the cloth" has you worried? Um, what about that "stand-up" competition...??? ;)

SherryTex said...

Worried about item one on my middle son's list...not his vocation...and the competition...yeah, I'm working on it...it's in a month.

JimmyV said...

Twist my arm already. Here is a comment. A human has indeed read your blog. A human who is overjoyed to have 10 blog readers in one day.

Seriously, if you're feeling down on the hit meter. You've got fans!

damon said...

Hi! Reader #21 here. I am unque sorry I haven't commented much. (I'll be more diligent. As a human it is the least I can do!) -d

Janny said...

I loved the "vegetable" spam. (Not to be confused with Vegetable Spam, which some vegan is probably slaving away in some diabolical laboratory to make...er...but I digress.) Goes right along with two of our favorite sayings, "Green vegetables are your friends," and "A day without broccoli is like a day without sunshine."

You're right, though. First item on that prayer list, I'd be sweating too. :-)

You've got readers! You've even got readers who link your blog to theirs!


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