Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Few Easter Thoughts

Every Sunday, we go to mass and some days, mass is easier than others. Knowing there were chocolate bunnies and eggs to find made some of our crew a bit squirrely for the 8:30. My oldest was in Florida, my two oldest girls altar serving, and my husband and I were left to deal with our eight year old --not a morning son, our sentimental fiver and what are affectionately referred to as the "non sentient" crowd.

The Non Sentients began by entering the pew and announcing to anyone within earshot --the entire church, that the Easter Bunny had brought Chocolate. The four year old began then flapping like a bird for joy.

Then the organ played a practice Alleluia, he felt the need to flap and say the word, "Flap. Flap. Flap."

Still, his joy was infectious and I soon had a flock of would be flamingos.

Faced with flapping toddlers in a crowded church, I tried to suggest that this wasn't the time. Looking around, the other toddlers stuck in stiff Easter dresses followed my son's cue and began their own immitations of a faithful flock.

The opening music fortunately stopped the toddlers from taking flight but I was struck by their response to Easter for the rest of mass.

Happy Easter. May we all be so happy we could fly.

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