Wednesday, December 26, 2007

T'was the Day After Christmas

T’was the day after Christmas
The whole house was a mess
From the overabundance
Celebrating great blessedness.

The Children were scattered,
At peace with their toys
While the mother wandered aimlessly
The House had been destroyed.

With ribbons on the sink
And the wrappers flung everywhere
She reached for the chocolate
She wasn’t going to share.

The tree it still sparkled
The open piles of loot still loomed.
And today was trash day
Her oldest son groaned.

When what to her trained suburban eyes should appear
The Garbage trucks’ early,
it’s practically here!

Come William, Come Bonnie
Come Marta, Come Pete
Grab a bag and make a sweep
Get your shoes on your feet!

To the end of the driveway
They flew like a flash,
Pulling the cans
Overpiled with trash.

It was touch and go there
For a moment but then,
The garbage truck stopped.
He said, “Merry Christmas My friends.”

And he pushed a button
And those great metal doors
Crushed the bags and the boxes.
My toddlers were floored.

They each wanted a try
And the man he obliged
And a line formed behind us
Of the neighborhoodside.

For Fifteen minutes,
People brought out their stuff.
And had fun pushing buttons
Then I said, “That’s enough.”

I wrote him a check
And he got a few tips
For being kind on a day
Famous for hangovers and sales slips.

The Merry Garbage man
Continued his route
Then I remembered,
“It’s recycling day too. Shoot!”

Happy Boxing Day! Many Happy Returns...

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Anonymous said...

To funny,I love it!!!!

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