Monday, December 17, 2007

Chocolate Spam

I have an ethical issue. I got an email. It wasn’t intended for me but I desperately want to take advantage of its exciting offer. Sure, it’s probably spam. Sure, I’m being silly but they hit me where I live.

Here is the letter.

Good Morning Julie! (I’m sure Julie is just a typo, after all, Sherry sounds similar…sorta)..

As you are a well-know blogger in the gourmet food world, we would be glad to keep you aware of events and news in the chocolate world! (I’m well known…Think…Rudoloph…She said I’m cute!)

You may have heard about us; Michel Cluizel is a family owned company based in Normandy and we offer only the finest in chocolate. (No, but she has my complete and undivided attention now). We are one of the few companies which are now referred to as cacaofeviers meaning we work from bean to bar.We work with our plantations to select only the finest beans and we use only natural ingredients. Pure cocoa butter, pure vanilla bean and cane sugar. We have no added vegetable fat or flavors and no soy lecithin.

(Okay, she had me at the new funky word cacaofevier).

All our chocolates, completely made in our workshops, meet the "Noble Ingredients" quality commitment that really provides our customers with an exceptional chocolate. (Patrician Chocolate, yes yes yes, I want some)…

We have a great variety of chocolates so if you would be interested in receiving some samples (Wait, someone is getting freebies of this stuff?) please contact us at your earliest convenience. (If she’s too busy to contact you, I volunteer at your earliest convenience).

As a chocolate lover and an amazing food writer, (Aw shucks!) you may also enjoy receiving some recipes as well as regular updates. (Sure!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. (No no, thank You.)
Please contact us if you would prefer to be removed from our mailing list.


Customer Service Representative

My response


Thank you so much for your interest in introducing me to the fine confections offered by Michel Cluizel. As you are no doubt aware, Chocolate For Your Brain! is a blog by Sherry Antonetti, known for her restless desire to find the very best manifestation of heaven on earth as encapsulated in chocolate form. Please feel free to send samples for consideration in a future blog entry that will discuss the level of rapture achieved by consumption of exclusively “Noble Chocolate.”

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Oddly enough, I haven’t heard back.

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