Sunday, July 13, 2014

Having a Dog Day Summer? Here's a Linkfest to keep you kids busy!

Found some wonderful things on the internet.  Sometimes we get bored with life, and that's when we need to dig deeper, to recognize the boredom comes from shallow roots, from wanting emotional satisfaction based on stimuli, rather than the richer consequences of work, serving, playing, living.  Sometimes writing can be all about look at me.  Well today, I'm telling you, look over here. These are neat cool amazing things.  Go...enjoy.

So here they are:

For the theologian in your life, if they haven't discovered Fr. John Riccardo's podcasts, go here.  If they want something to read, and I promise you, this will take a lifetime, go here. 

Don't have time for that much?  Fine, here's Fr. Barron's Word on Fire site. If nothing else, watch his youtube videos, I love his critiques of popular culture. 

Writers need mood music, and one of the biggest tools for writing, for creating the emotional layers of a scene, is weather.   My daughter put me wise to this site where you can orchestrate your own storm.   The site is and they have ways for you to listen to horror or nature, to manipulate wind and water, fire and thunder.  Have Fun!

Not content to rule the clouds like Zeus?  Not to worry, there's a Universe creator here.  I honestly could stay all day at this site, just drawing. 

But if I'm not feeling creative, I go watch these guys here.

or if I need to laugh and my funny bone seems tired, I try one of these three sources:

1) Brian Regan.  He's funny, he gets what family life is really like and most of his stuff you can show your kids and they'll be laughing along with you. 

2) HISHE (How it Should Have Ended) is a fun site that does great spoofs of much that amounts to popular culture these days, the Superhero caf√© is a personal favorite of ours.   If you haven't seen the one for The Lord of the Ring, stop what you are doing.   Go here.

3) Back before the web was all Grumpy Cat Memes and Youtube videos, pioneer websites fought epic battles with words.  One of the best places to experience a mental brawl about the things that really mater --like Red Shirted Ensigns vs. Stormtroopers, was The Grudge Match.  Personal favorites include the drinking contest between Boris Yeltsin and Ted Kennedy and the aforementioned Startrek/Starwars battle of the glorified extras. 

So...if you aren't yet having fun, I have only one thing left to offer. Go to the store, get some Diet Coke and Mentos and show your children, adults can be absurd as well. 

I'll be back to serious blogging on Tuesday.  See you then.  Leave a favorite link in the com box for everyone else to discover. 

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